It began from the desire to help others while helping our family Chiropractor in high school. He gave me articles to read and encouraged me to pursue a healthcare career. Through a series of divinely arranged circumstances I have been able to learn from many gifted physicians who have helped me understand and develop my skills. It was Dr. Gerald G. Bronson in Ft. Worth, TX who first introduced me to Myofascial Trigger Points and took the time to explain the myo-skeletal connection. Through his passion and gift of healing I was able to grasp the concepts of quality, compassionate, patient care. He also gave me many books to read and even assignments to complete to maximize my learning.

The quest for improving my technique is never ending. Thus the reason I "practice" and the people who come to me are "patients". I regard what I do as a valid complementary healthcare profession. Since 1998 I have been licensed by the Health Related Boards of Tennessee and hold an active association with the American Bodyworkers and Massage Professionals. To maintain this licensure, 25 Continuing Education is required every 2 years. Aside from this requirement, Lisa is always expanding her knowledge which always benefits YOU the most.

  • Has instructed at massage schools
  • Been a guest lecturer
  • Enjoys educating others
  • Runs a successful practice
  • Practiced in England for 5 years
  • Worked with alternative and medical practitioners

we take the time to listen

From the moment you notify us of your problem we assess the way we can help you. As you are explaining your condition at the first visit we are observing your posture, watching for clues to assist you with your healthcare goals.

Structure and function

Myotherapy involves releaseing "TRIGGER POINTS" within the soft tissues of the body. These Trigger Points (TrP's) are hyper-irritable spots within muscles or fascia that restrict the function of joints, constrict blood flow and can lie dormant until activated. Sometimes these dormant or "latent" points can become activated by an injury, disease, poor biomechanics, nutritional habits or other factors. However emotional stressor are just as valid in causing TrP's. Once these points become "active" they become quite painful and exhibit a "pain referral pattern" often distant from the trigger point site. Releasing Trigger Points not only relieves pain but restores proper function and basic integrity of your overall body and structure.

the point is to help you get well!

We are passionate about our profession and rejoice when people rediscover pain free living with renewed health and improved quality of life. To help reach this goal we cooperate with other healthcare professionals thus ...pointing the way to health and well being!