Physicians and other healthcare practitioners recognize skilled care and appreciate it when their patient's health improves. To be a part of that “circle of care” is a privilege that I highly regard.  When all practitioners practice cooperative care we all benefit.   These following testify, our motto and purpose is, “The patient comes first.”

The greatest compliment people can give is a recommendation or a testimonial of how they were helped through our care. I value this more than any other accolade!  When people find what helps them they want to “spread the word”.  Here are what others have to say about Point by Point Myotherapy …

Health is a puzzle.  To achieve your picture of health, there may be many “pieces”.  

Each of us are individuals with histories uniquely ours.  The quest to find your “picture” of health have different components like accidents/injuries or illnesses.  Other contributing factors are lifestyles, stress factors and various life events.    Although we may share similar “symptoms” with “common” diagnostic tests presenting “typical” results issuing in “usual” treatments or prescriptions, there still may be a problem.  Point by Point Myotherapy may be your “missing piece” to your personal health.   Your friend or physician knows it too!  

no matter how you come to us, we are here to help!

We want to address your healthcare concerns from a multi-disciplinary approach.  Whether you found us on the internet,  come from a friend mentioning us or with a physicians referral, we will point you in the right direction to help complete your “picture of health”.