Just wanted to let you know that as of last night when I went to bed, I have been almost 100% pain free!!! Thank you for what you have done to help me function so much better physically in my daily activities! God bless you for the service you offer to help others! - Debby M.

How many of you suffer daily headaches, LBP, Shoulder/Neck even foot pain? If so, please go see Lisa!! And check out her website at www.pbypm.com and make an appointment from the "Contact" page. Don't you wanna make those pesky and debilitating pains go away! She's AMAZING!! And ws such a blessing while is was sick & waiting to have my surgery! - Stefeni K.

Stuck at your keyboard all day or been over-working your back too much?? I highly recommend Lisa Shelter and Point by Point. She has helped me GREATLY over the past several years and has resolved a number of nagging aches and pains!! You'll be thrilled with the results and feel so much better! - Aaron T.

I started to see Mrs. Lisa Shelter and been in her care since last Saturday. And all I can say thank God for this knowledgeable lady with her magical hands has been recommended to me. I have been to countless doctors and Chiropraticor's and never got any results. I was amazed when she treated me the first time knowing exactly where the points of my pain were. I had problems with my shoulder since January and hardly could lift it at all. Now I can stretch and lift my arm up without the drop me to the ground pain. I am so impressed by her and her sweet personality that I am the lucky one to have her to heal my body. 
Lisa my words will never be enough to fully let you know how lucky I am that you are my trigger point therapist. Thank you Dear from the bottom of my heart and muscles. - Kerstin W.

Lisa has an systemic approach to healing muscle pains that is nothing like what most would call "massage therapy" which has helped me with only a 30 minute session! I trust Lisa to put her healing hands on me anytime. She has the knowledge & the experience to know exactly what to do when a client comes in with a complaint and will give you her honest opinion on how to help yourself as well. - Mori W.

I was one of Lisa’s first patients and I bless the day I met her magic fingers.  She has healed my body and my soul throughout the course of our friendship.  On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best possible, Lisa is a “6!”.- Marilyn D.

Just wish it wasn't so far to see you all, could do with a hug and a bit of jaw releasing. Xxx - Anthea F.

She keeps me walking...what more can I say!?! - Rose Ann H.

To say Lisa has "healing hands" is a gross understatement! I want to box her up and take her home with me!!! Not only can I count on feeling better physically when I leave her office, but I know I will be feeling better emotionally and spiritually. She truly heals the body and soul! - Barbara R,

You, my friend, are AWESOME!!!!! You are going to change more lives than EVER! - Missy C.

I love going to Lisa--she is a great myofascial therapist AND has become a friend. She has a healing presence. And...she has radar in those fingers--she can go directly to the spot that is having trouble! Love that Lisa! She is good for whatever ails you :) - Carol L.

I can't get along without Lisa working on my back, neck, thighs, whatever tightens up and gets me in pain. All it takes is 30 seconds of sheer torture (during which I tell her where all my gold is hidden) and then all the pain and tightness is gone. Lisa is amazing! - Bill S.