Point by Point Myotherapy (PbyPM) is actually a culmination of various soft tissue techniques, specializing in pain relief and stress management and is a systematized approach to patient care, which has been developed from over 30 years of practice, by Lisa A. Shelter, L.M.T.

10 POINT PROTOCOL starts from the first contact, coming into the office, filling out your form, us taking your history, exam, physical assessment, your individualized Myosession, any exercises/stretching instructions, to the business transition to setting the next appointment...the POINT is the patient's well being. Keeping consecutive appointments will accelerate the desired results...less pain with more function.

POINTS OF THE BODY The philosophy is that after the POINT(S) in the affected tissue(s) is released from the irritation, it must be restored to full function by correcting the perpetuating factors.  This is accomplished primarily through Trigger Point therapy and various other soft tissue manipulation methods, restorative stretches with postural and ergonomic changes which depends upon therapist/patient cooperation. 

Point by Point Myotherapy incorporates a multi-disciplinary approach.  This is to have an adequate referral base of other healthcare professionals to assist the patient to achieve their optimum health and well being.  Cooperating with others practitioners benefits all participants, especially the patient, and creates a healthy and positive atmosphere.


We are passionate about our profession and rejoice when people rediscover pain-free living with renewed health, vitality and an overall improved quality of life. To help reach this goal we cooperate wit other healthcare professionals thus...POINTING THE WAY TO HEALTH AND WELL BEING!